Bass Guitar Lessons

Michelle Teaches Bass Guitar to people of all ages and levels. Below is a summary:


Applicable to beginners only, students will be taken through the make up of a bass guitar. This will also include how to tune and maintain your instrument.



Students will be taken through the correct left and right hand positioning to achieve a good sound and feel. Students will also be shown left hand fingering techniques to help maximise ability and range.

Fretboard Skills/Harmony and Theory

Students will be shown scales, modes, triads and arpeggios. This will be demonstrated in different positions across the Fretboard.


Intervals Training

Students will be taken through how scales and chords are built up using Intervals and will be taught the importance of Intervals in music.


Ear Training

The ability to hear and identify scales, intervals and chord types are vital to all types of musicians. Part of the tuition will be dedicated to training the ear of students to hear and identify these aspects of music.

Slap, Tap and Pick Techniques

A variety slap, tap and pick techniques and concepts will be taught.

Introduction to Sight Reading (Bass and Treble Clef).

Students will be taught all the notes on the stave for both Bass and Treble Clef. Students will also be taught how to write and identify key signatures and time signatures and rhythmic patterns.



Students will be given the opportunity to choose different styles to play. i.e. Pop, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Funk, Rock, Reggae etc. They will also be encouraged to bring in any music they would like to learn to play in the lessons.

ONLINE SKYPE Lesson Terms and Conditions:

Lessons will be conducted via Skype (online video conferencing) and will last for 50mins.

Lessons are priced at £30 per session. A cancellation charge of the full lesson fee will be charged if students cancel lessons later than 48hrs before the scheduled lesson time.

Lessons should be booked and agreed in advanced at the start of the calendar month for the entire month. This includes booking both the day and timeslots.

Payments for each lesson will need to be paid in advance for the entire month at the start of each calendar month. i.e for weekly lessons you will need to pay £30 x 4 to cover the month to be paid at your first lesson. You will not need to make another payment until the following month.

Time slots for ONLINE SKYPE lesson are scheduled as follows. 

If you are based in the UK

Tues Evenings GMT:

5pm- 5.50pm –

6pm- 6.50pm -

7pm -7.50pm  -

8pm – 8.50pm  -

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